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M.S.Thiyagarajan is a familiar singer in the music stages for a period more than 25 years. He is well known for his performance and troop organizing.
He was at Dubai as professional stage performer and had a successful career. After returning from Dubai, he is on-going with continuous singing with leading programmes, temple celebrations, home celebrations, wedding functions, etc. Also he is known been the people as "Dubai Thiyagu"

About Us:

Our Music CDs

Not only he is a stage singer, but also a private music composer. He has released two audio CD's on devotional basis,

Bhakthi Pamalai

A collection of God Songs about most of Gods of Hindus, rich presentation in HD audio with content rich words...

Aiyappa Ganam

Exclusive Lord Aiyappa Songs for devotees who are in fast and completing the fast after 48 days divinity...

Our Commitment

Assuring of a good entertainment in music in all our programmes, we perform for the satisfaction of the audience. Delivering rich quality audio with relevant equipment’s and all necessary substantial’s.

Shows for you

For a complete entertainment, we are providing with various form of shows. They will be fit to your budget and occasion. Just one man show to a rocking shows are performed by our expert singer troop

Performed by one singer with minimal instruments, for occasion like birthday party, home celebration, children functions, etc.

Couple of male and female singer will fulfil the joyous music moments on occasions like betrothal, housewarming, and related functions

Group of music troop with full equipment’s, to cheer up the audience in a hall, terrace, meeting, and your favourite party place

Full music troop with all equipment and instruments for a ridiculous performance of music nights like New year, celebration parties

Multi Performance

Not only music, but with multiple set of performance like Mimicry, dance, skit, etc will be given for college, corporate events..

Thunder Music Shows

Richest performance of full troop for the functions like Temple fests, Political meets, corporate parties, road shows, etc.

Once you join with us, sure you will not move to others, we assure. Our performance will satisfy you sure with your taste fulfilment..
Our assured team performance will sure make you joyous on your occasion.

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